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Discover “Yourself”

by | Mar 17, 2016

The word ‘spiritual’ is enough to say that “Life has more significance than just bread and books”. Just like your mind needs a refreshing vacation, your soul too needs a powerful experience to awaken yourself and live life to its fullest. Spiritual journeys are as important as any other vacation as you can’t spring up or succeed without peace in your mind.

Watch the video below with Terry explaining how easy it is to get stuck in self-sabotaging and limiting patterns and what you can do to go beyond them!

Terry Hodgkinson leads majestic, break-through, Spiritual Retreats to India, a place that many consider is the birthplace of Spiritualism. Terry has conducted many Tao Journeys in the last few years with the aim of helping people achieve higher goals in their lives, experience deeper purpose and true self . He’s an avid traveler and has been practicing Martial Arts since twelve. He’s now a cool (inside joke) Sifu (teacher), a keen author and a successful Entrepreneur.

Why India? What can be a better place to start your new era than India, a country that from the cosmos gave important practices to life like Yoga and meditation.

Not only will you delve deep into the self, journeying toward enlightenment, you will get to experience an amazing outer journey too! The group will visit Agra, one of the most beautiful cities in India and a place that has witnessed one of the most epic love-stories ever. You’ll visit Agra Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a mesmerizing instance of human skills that has carved a timeless beauty. Breathtaking ‘Sheesh Mahel’, anticipating ‘Musamman Burj’, notable ‘Delhi Gate’, are exemplars of the impressive masterpieces of Agra Fort.

Another great place you’ll visit is ‘Baby Taj’ or ‘Jewel Box’, a less appreciated monument other than Taj Mahal in Agra. Intrinsic designs, colourful marble work, peaceful surrounding and beautiful garden, is what makes Baby Taj so special. Just like stepping into the sands of time that will take you to its history! You can’t end your journey without visiting the famous Taj Mahal, one of the Wonders of the World, also known as ‘Crown of Palaces’. A UNESCO World Heritage Site that is admired all over the world for its artwork and beauty. There’s no honourable way to describe this epic monument than calling it “The teardrop on the cheek of time”, as once said by Sir Rabindranath Tagore.

You will spend a full week with Terry and guest teachers in one of the most sacred places in all of India. In Rishikesh you will journey deep into your inner being for an entire week with meditation, yoga, Qigong, Dyads, and Satsang. Your transformation during this time will be immense and forever!

Now you just have to ask yourself a few questions. Are you ready to leave your old self-limiting patterns at home that have been holding  you back? Ready to take a journey into the new you? Then go with Terry and Tao Travels – Journeys that Enlighten the Soul to India or China and come back a changed person forever!