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Tao Travel’s mission is to bring those who thirst and hunger for spiritual enlightenment to the epicenters of meditation and deeply religious cultures who thrive on a mind, body and soul balance with the Universe.

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I decided to take a trip like this so I could learn more about Taoism right from the source. Before I booked this retreat with Terry of Tao Travel – Journeys that Enlighten the Soul, I contemplated other trips being offered as I searched the Internet. Nothing could compare to Terry’s trip! A full immersion in the land of the Tao… all other trips seemed like watered down westernized versions.

I traveled on this trip by myself and was amazed at the inward journey that occurred. It’s not often in life we journey without our loved ones, without our possessions and our false attachments to materialism, which aid in how we define ourselves. On Terry’s trip all I had was a small bag by choice, a knowledgeable guide and sweet translator. Of course let’s not forget about the unique energy and beauty that only can be found in Taoist Wudangshan (Wudang Mountains). Most importantly is the inner transformation that occurs which is as unique and beautiful as the surroundings you are immersed into.

Terry’s trip set the bar very high for me. The inner confidence to travel too distant lands by oneself. From the moment I stepped off the plane I was in the company of a representative from Tao journeys, I never felt alone. Trips such as these allow all seekers the ability to search for knowledge. The information I learned from not only Terry and our local Tao Masters but from my fellow group members was so vast. It was great to come home and be able to share so much knowledge with my loved ones, friends and clients.

This journey was truly scenic and beautiful, yet it was also an incredible inner journey, of being able to know oneself, without the interference of westernized culture. It truly was a wonderful way to disconnect from the outside and be able to connect with inside.

The Tao Journeys trip with Terry Hodgkinson is a life-changing event. It’s a rare chance to meet your true inner self and face the unknown. Happiness is a matter of perspective. If you’re questioning yours this immersion trip of Terry’s is a perspective changing experience! I can’t say it any simpler, go do this trip, you will thank me later!

Michelle Gauer

Owner / Licensed massage therapist, LSCO Massage and Wellness

I wanted to find my inner peace and power in a scenic and tranquil place. When I was climbing to the golden peak at the top of Wudang Mountain, I felt my body transition from excited to fatigued and then it felt like I hit a wall. However, after I passed through the most difficult time, both my body and mind felt entirely free, peaceful and far more powerfully during the last part of the walk. When I was sitting on a small terrace meditating on the peak, I found “the perfect balance between myself and nature”.

This retreat allowed me to experience a very high-quality rest for my body and soul. It truly helped take away my recent stress, recharged my body and I attained more energy to face new challenges. As a bonus I learned Tai Chi forms and continue to benefit in practicing them on the daily basis

Terry Hodgkinson, Shifu is a thoughtful, intelligent, responsible and humorous retreat leader. I’m very delighted that i joined the retreat and I felt fruitful. I would like to join this kind of retreat again in the near future!

Fan Yang

Gallery Director, YZC Art Studio, Beijing, China

The Tao Journeys Wudang Mountain Retreat was one of the best trips I have ever taken. I would love to go back again and immerse myself in the study of Qigong, Tai Chi, and Taoist studies we were involved in. The energy from the mountain is something else…there is no place like it….and I have traveled all over different continents. I definitely would go back there! I had never heard of Tao Journeys and Terry Hodgkinson before and found him and his retreats online but I have been on so many trips where I only met the organizers during the trip. Terry is very knowledgeable about China, Qigong, I Ching, Taoism and other Eastern philosophy and he’s very generous in sharing his knowledge. I would definitely go on his trips again!
The Wudang Mountain Retreat is definitely a great experience. Terry Hodgkinson is an awesome teacher and he had other guest teachers who were great too, all very knowledgeable and friendly. The accommodations on the trip were good. Being from Florida the most important thing about the accommodations for me is hot water and heat in the rooms and they had it!
During the retreat your days will be full of many things to learn and do. There are different classes and so many temples to see, many interesting and wise people you will meet and hundreds of stairs to climb with some of the most stunning views I have ever seen! Wudang Mountain will forever be in my heart. I will go back there again.
I definitely would recommend this trip and Terry Hodgkinson to anyone! Because of my great experience on the Wudang Retreat I’m now thinking about joining Terry’s retreat to India this year.
Ivy Castillo - Pensacola, Florida

Real Estate Agent, Paradise Living Realty & Investments, LLC

I thought about how exciting it would be to go to another country, with an open mind, and observe another culture and their way of life. I really was looking forward to taking a break from my everyday life, and find some peace through beautiful scenery, meditation and Tai Chi as well as to meet new friends.

I absolutely loved our stay and training at the Wudang Internal Kung Fu Academy on Wudang Mountain. During the stay I discovered peace through movement (Tai Chi) and meditation which were taught to us from 2 very skilled Chinese teachers who live there.

I was delighted when one of the surprise places Terry took us was to visit the monkey sanctuary, there were so many cute monkeys there! And of course, who could not love the visit to see and spend time with the wise Taoist hermit who lives in a cave on Wudang Mountain.

After losing my mother just before going to China, I was feeling depressed. But it was during the I-Ching exercise that Terry taught us where I discovered for myself how close my mother really is to me. That she really is still very close by, and will forever be close to my heart.

Being back home now when I meditate using visualization, I think of how peaceful I felt on top of Golden Peak at the top of Wudant Mountain.

After all the walking, stair climbing, Tai Chi exercises, I’m in much better shape now. Oh and I can’t forget to mention the excellent nutritious meals we had during the 2 weeks we were in China.

I would never just go to China by myself, it would have to be with someone and I’m glad it was Terry! He is knowledgeable about the culture, and places of interest as well he is very experienced at leading groups on Retreats. The activities were wonderfully organized and everything just kind of flowed from one thing to the next. There was lots of activity, but also lots of free time given in between activities too.

Heather Ann Gaffield DSP, CH

If I had to choose one word to describe our trip to The Wu-dang Mountains, it would be Magical!!!

I’d like to first of all mention Terry, our tour leader, who guided us through this magnificent journey. He is a great speaker who is very knowledgeable in the history of the land, leading the group with teachings and lectures sharing his 30 years of education and spiritual experiences. I will definitely be traveling with Terry again.

We hiked the Golden Peak, trained Tai Chi with the monks in the temple, walked the Monkey Trail, visited Master Jia, a monk who lives in a cave and much more, it was a new adventure every day!

From the views atop the highest peaks, to the serenity of the lower mountain ranges, the vibrational energy that is felt throughout the temples and the lands, far exceeds anything  I’ve ever experienced in my life travels. It is truly a place where you can hear God speak.

This experience brings to mind a famous quote from The Wizard of Oz….”Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore……..we must be somewhere Over The Rainbow…”.


If you would like to ask me any questions or see some pictures from the trip, you can look me up on Facebook.

Roseann Ficacci

Business Owner

I just got back from my first trip oversees to India and it was an amazing experience. One thing I highly recommend is taking your first trip to a far off country with someone who knows what they’re doing. Terry showed me the ropes, I felt confident that I could take care of my self and the skills Terry shared with us came in quite handy. Terry took us to a few awesome places that weren’t in any guidebook too. If you’re off to India or China take a guide like Terry Hodgkinson with you! Now I’m revved up and can’t wait to travel again!

Jeffery Tulk

Owner / Sifu , Wanaka Wing Chun School